March VIP of the Month

March VIP of the Month w/ Grey Goose

We're bringing you a taste of one of the world's most famous vodkas this March, as Cameo Bournemouth teams up with GREY GOOSE®!

Life is full of moments, big and small, planned and spontaneous, and those moments need something worthy of the occasion – a vodka of unparalleled quality that’s made without compromise.

GREY GOOSE® is the result of an absolute determination to create a French vodka unlike any other. Expressed in every GREY GOOSE® bottle is the essence of the finest ingredients from France: soft winter wheat from in and around Picardy, plus pure spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region, nurtured and captured from field to bottle in a process designed and controlled by the extraordinary skills and commitment of the GREY GOOSE® Cellar Master, François Thibault.

Throughout March you can enjoy a luxury booth, entry for up to 8 people and a bottle of delicious GREY GOOSE® vodka for just £100.00 on the Friday or Saturday of your choosing! (that's just £12.50 per person)

To claim this offer simply click the link below, select your date, choose your preferred booth, and we'll hook you up...

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